I am taking a hiatus from the blog, most likely for the rest of the year. I feel like I need to truly focus on myself and my life without any added distractions. And unfortunately, for me, writing has become one of those distractions. My writing used to be a source of comfort, self-reflection and therapy for me. But somewhere along the way, it has become more of a chore and a source of stress. I don’t even know how to explain why it feels that way, only that it does. It doesn’t feel like an authentic endeavor to me at this time.

I am going to keep this site for now because I hope to rediscover my love for writing and find a purpose in it again after I get this process of metamorphosis and evolution under way.

So, for now, I wish everyone a year filled with love, joy, discovery, adventure, knowledge and growth.

xoxo – Joy

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