***This is a repost. There may be more. I’m revisiting old writings and using them as motivation to light that fire in me. I’m trying to rekindle my passion and remember my goals and dreams. I’m sparking some real and tangible change in my life. I’m not just just going to talk about and write about it anymore. Not to sound cheesy or cliche but “today is the first day of the rest of my life”. LOL There is nothing really special about this day. It’s a Sunday. It’s December 1st. Today just seems like a good starting point. The fire is lit.***

I’ve gotten this idea in my head that I need to “flow” more. As in ‘go with the flow’. As in let things come and go as they may. As in being flexible and free. As in being unattached to ideas, people and expectations.

But as with all things, I believe there needs to be balance. And I haven’t been living in balance. I’ve either been too rigid, too set in my ways, too dependent on how I think things should be or how situatons should play out or I’ve been all flow, no foundation….I’ve been flowing in chaos, pieces of me everywhere, thoughts scattered, debris in the tornado of my mind.

What I really need to do is ground myself, find my “homebase” and settle in there, resilient and strong in my beliefs, in my values, in my goals and in my worth…..and let the rest flow around me. That’s what I’ve been missing. I can go with the flow but the flow needs to have a purpose.

I think of a tree as a metaphor for how I want to live. Grounded, roots firmly planted in nature, standing tall and majestic, growing and thriving, nurturing, giving nourishment and life to those I love, while still being flexible, changing with the seasons and flowing in the wind of the world around me.

I think that’s beautiful and something good to strive for. So that is my new goal……

Root Down. Rise Up. Flow. In the most exquisite of ways.

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