It’s time to pool every ounce of my ambition, motivation and self worth together, to pull it out of every cell in my body. It’s time.

I’m not going to continuously talk about the changes I need to make and the steps I need to take while continuously sitting on my ass and doing nothing.

I’m letting my life pass me by while remaining in this contented, passive, motionless state. The days spin on like a monotonous carousel but I’m still in the same spot, rooted but not growing, fooling myself into thinking I am in perpetual motion when I’m only potential energy in this moment, standing still and yet still dizzy with the moving shapes, colors…and lives…speeding past me.

It’s time. And time is in my hands. Change is in my will. And living, beautifully and willfully, in is my grasp.

I just have to let go of everything else.

I just have to become that kinetic energy and put myself into motion.

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