I talk about “magic” quite often. It’s just one those things I consider a necessity in my life, a quality I hope to embrace a little each day, in whichever way I can.

Magic is one of those ambiguous terms. It means something different to everyone. Like the word “love”, the idea of “magic” falls into a category all its own and is widely open to interpretation. So in trying to define it, there is no right or wrong answer, just what it means to each individual person.

For me, magic is…..

  • daring to believe in the impossible and the impossible finding a way to happen
  • a first kiss
  • the birth of a child, hopeful and innocent
  • crisp fall mornings, at dawn, sitting quietly on your back porch, drinking coffee and contemplating life while the world still sleeps
  • hugs and cuddles and a random “I love you, mom” from my son
  • watching my daughters grow into amazing young women who are going to add so much value to the world
  • sleeping naked and content, under the light of a full moon as it spills across your bed
  • two strangers locking eyes and just knowing there will be brilliance between them
  • the power of one’s energy
  • being vulnerable
  • the sound of his voice
  • connecting with the Earth
  • the fact that every touch, every kiss, every hand held is vibrating with electricity
  • the sun still rising every morning and conquering the sky
  • sharing your body with someone who you have a soul connection with
  • growing plants and watching them thrive under my care
  • metamorphosis and the power of change
  • the ocean never ceasing
  • the smell of an old book, the crisp feel of the pages and the never ending imagination in the stories
  • falling in love
  • every road holding the key to a new destination
  • every choice you make holding the key to a new outcome
  • lazy Sundays in bed with the person you love
  • artists of any kind pouring their soul into their creations
  • kindness still running rampant despite a society scarred with hate
  • closing my eyes and seeing his face
  • the power of forgiveness and second chances
  • laughter drowning out the sorrow
  • knocking down walls and building bridges instead
  • music that touches your heart and moves your soul
  • open hearts and open arms
  • family, in any form
  • making love in the rain
  • not giving up and maintaining even a small amount of hope in the face of all rejection and adversity

To me, magic is all of these things…and so much more.

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