My post from last night “your end. my beginning.” was not a reference to my divorce.

There is only one man I find inspiring enough or worthy enough to write about and it is NOT my ex-husband.

The only man that moves me like that is the INTP.

Whatever our differences and issues may be, I still think he is a fascinating and amazing person. He is definitely levels above any other man I’ve known thus far. At least he is to me. There is so much about him that is exactly what I want in a man. Granted, there are a couple of boxes he doesn’t check. Nobody is perfect but he’s definitely come closer than anyone else.

Not that any of this is relevant anymore. As wonderful as I think he is, there is no chance of a future for us. But not just because he says so anymore. Because I say so, too.

Checking off most of the boxes doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t care for or love you. And I’m not willing to waste my time and effort on being “unloved” anymore.

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