because I can’t sleep…

***random and/or weird (or normal) things I find extremely attractive in the opposite sex (in no particular order)

1. intelligence

2. full lips/good kisser

3. beards

4. awkwardness

5. sarcasm

6. tallness

7. humor

8. depth

9. kindness

10. strong but gentle hands…and I have a thing for lean, defined backs, forearms and calves (but not too muscular, see below…haha)

***random and/or weird (or normal) things I find to be a turn off (in no particular order)

1. super buff guys (big muscles are not my thing…lol)

2. wearing wife beaters, like as their only shirt, in public 🤢

3. cockiness/superiority complex/narcissism

4. lack of accountability

5. lack of self-awareness

6. close-minded

7. shitty fathers/deadbeat dads

8. guys who wear alot of/certain kinds of jewelry (big chains, bracelets, diamond studs, etc)

9. bad grammar

10. unkindness

11. Trump supporters (sorry, not sorry) To put it kindly, I just feel like if you think this man is a decent and intelligent human being/leader or if you support and back his values and opinions then we would probably not have any fundamental morals in common and definitely have totally opposing worldviews.

12. pretty boys. I like a man who takes care of himself but I like them to be at least a little rugged. I prefer hair I can run my fingers through to gelled up, always in place hair. I prefer a little cologne mixed with their natural scent (or no cologne at all) to a man being doused in it. I prefer beards to always clean shaven.

I recently discovered that I find the combination of tousled hair and face stubble to be a huge turn on but that may just be an INTP thing. Something about the contrast of how his personality is always so controlled and put together and then seeing him a little physically unkempt just extremely turns me on. So when he doesn’t shave for a day or two, it causes an intense reaction in my lady parts. Hahaha. More so than usual, I mean.

Anyway, I’m going to try to go back to sleep now. G’night.

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