In this moment, I really miss knowing him.

He’s like a stranger to me now.

So, how odd it feels to want a stranger so badly. He still somehow manages to be a cosmic source of comfort for me. I want to see him, hear his voice, wrap myself up in the warmth of his arms and just ask him to hold me….

please hold me.

Because on days like today, I yearn for him and feel like I need him in ways I still don’t fully understand.

I just want to be skin to skin with him, letting my worries and my stress be drowned out by the timbre of his voice saying my name.

I want to give all my problems over to his logical mind and have him explain them away like only he can. Telling me “tomorrow is a new day”.

Why can’t he and I have a new day, I wonder?

I haven’t been sleeping. I’m so tired. Physically and mentally exhausted, dealing with so many things right now and trying to keep it all in perspective. I’m staying strong. I’m keeping a smile on my face.

But all I really want right now is to hear a stranger say “hello there” again.

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