temporary hiatus

I’m going to be absent from the blog for a few days.

I can feel my hormones gearing up for an eventful bout of PMS. It’s kinda cool how I can anticipate and be more aware of the changes in my body, mood and energy now but not cool how I’m mostly an innocent bystander while my hormones wreck havoc on my life. Haha.

I’ve already been teary-eyed over a few nonsensical things today so I can feel the emotional overload building.

The last thing I want to do right now is be around people so I am going to try to minimize my socializing. I’m going into hermit mode and when at work – headphones in. I also don’t really want to write much during this time because I know my writing will be ubiquitous with self-doubt, sadness, longing, and/or romantic notions….as evident in my last post.

Also, I’m kinda glad he is staying away right now. The last thing I need is my guard down around him or old feelings being brought to the surface just because I’m unburdened with common sense, emotional filters and logical thinking once a month. Thanks Mother Nature.

I will be sticking to my guns, trying to keep my emotions in check, trying to keep the self-pity (ick) to a minimum and practicing a whole lot of self care.

Be back in a few days.

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