That’s how I’m describing my current mood.

I feel sensual and reckless and carefree and untamed.

And I’m loving it.

This wild is all about me. It’s a hair down, barefoot, letting loose, dancing naked under the moon kinda wild.

It’s about reclaiming my power. Period.

It’s about stepping outside of my comfort zone. It’s about ceasing to worry and having a little fun for once. I’ve been too caught up in my problems and emotions and I’ve been so busy being the “rock” for everyone else that I’ve forgotten what it feels like to have fun and just live!

And to kick off the “fun and games”, I’m going to a Drag Show Dance Party this weekend at The Vineyard in East Hill.

I’m going to lock my introvert side away and then drink, dance and party like a drag queen!

Haha….can’t wait!

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