Enneagram anger.

Diving into some Enneagram research. I’ve been taking some different approaches to working through some of my shit this weekend. My goal is to be completely zen and moving forward with my life by Monday morning.

I found these little blurbs about anger pretty interesting…and accurate. I definitely resonate but on the other hand, I also despise playing the “victim” card. But I realize I have been doing that quite a bit lately. Yuck. It stops now.

Anyway, I’m a 4 with a 5 wing (4w5) on the Enneagram so this is basically my anger profile, except when I’m in grip stress or just frustrated/disgusted beyond comprehension, which is when I add verbal ruthlessness to the mix. It’s definitely not a pretty sight or one of my finer moments when I’m angry.

On a side note, I’m still convinced that the INTP is a 5. Not sure of the wing…probably a 6. (5w6)

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