unplug and recharge

I’m going to take a break from writing for a few days. I’ve been writing nonstop for the last few weeks and I haven’t even really posted any of the good stuff.

I just need to unplug and recharge….if that makes sense. I want to stay in my head for a few days, focus on my goals, do some reading and some exercising and just not worry about anything but moving forward.

I was going to post something for him today. Another goodbye letter of sorts. It seems like I’ve written him many and you would think I have nothing left to say. But there is always so much I want to say to him. And yet, my words only fall on deaf ears.

This one scares me, both because it seems more final and also because I’m afraid it’s not. I still have such mixed feelings about him. I still feel so much, both good and bad, about our whole situation.

He told me he wasn’t going to read my words anymore so I decided not to post it. It’s not for anyone else. Only him. And he doesn’t care about me or anything I have to say. So why bother?

So I’ll just put it with all the other words I’ve written for him or about him that I have never shared.

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