There was something I didn’t mention this morning about my meditation session….

It broke something in me. Or maybe, more accurately, fixed something in me.

I was flooded with forgiveness, understanding, acceptance and a barely contained, inspired excitement to write about it all.

Retreating deep into myself, becoming my own muse and focusing on the growth I want to see within myself is really starting to pay off.

In so many ways, but with the most noticeable way being a new mindset concerning “him”, a letting go of epic proportions in a way that I never thought I would be able to….with forgiveness, with grace, with love (for both him and myself), with my only regret being that it is too late to show him these things in a way that brings him peace, as well. I wish I could have embraced this mindset before he started carrying any hate in his heart for me. I am to blame for most of it, I will own up to that. We both made our mistakes and instigated many bad feelings in each other. But I don’t wish the burden of hate on anyone and maybe with enough time and space, he will let go of that weighted emotion….for his own peace of mind.

Anyway, I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you all. I feel creative and inspired and joyful again….so every free moment I have is being devoted to my writing.

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