Today is the day.

I start my “total life detox” as I like to call it.

I am detoxing my body….minimal caffeine, sugar, dairy and meat. I say “minimal” because I am trying to do this gradually instead of quitting everything cold turkey. I will not drink any coffee or soda but will still occasionally drink tea. I will cut out all white sugar, only using coconut sugar or sweeteners like organic honey and maple syrup. And I will be mostly on a whole foods, plant based diet with VERY minimal dairy, meat or processed foods. I will also be exercising more….yoga, walking, some strength training and cardio. I need to move my body, push my body, heal my body.

I am also detoxing my mind. I am going to start a daily practice of meditation, using sound therapy and mudras. I already meditate but only sporadically and very basically. Sometimes it is productive and other times I cannot quiet my mind enough to seem to benefit from it. So I am really going to get into making this a daily practice and putting alot of effort into it. I will also be trying to not allow toxicity in any form into my life, from myself or from others.

Lastly, I will be detoxing my energy. It is stagnant and low vibrational. Negative even. I will be doing alot of grounding and many activities to “raise my vibration” and bring my positivity back into alignment. I’ve also got a whole regimen planned out for balancing my chakras, working on one every week, using various methods. The subject interests me and I am a huge believer in the science of energy. Everything is made of energy and that energy vibrates at different frequencies, interacting and connecting with everything.

There is enough of a “scientist” in me to not be 100% sure about all the metaphysical tips and tricks regarding your energy, how to balance it, raise your vibration, etc….but there is also enough of the “woo woo” in me to believe in some of it or at least try some of it. I’m sure it will be a hit and miss, seeing what works for me and what doesn’t. I will know when I just feel differently. I’ve felt firsthand an energetic connection with other people and I think that things like intuition and empathy are just ways of feeling and reading energy. I am also a huge advocate for the connection between our physiological and psychological functions, reactions, etc. and how they can affect each other.

So I believe that one’s energy is a key factor in things like physical health, emotional healing and internal peace. I definitely think that being the best version of yourself is something you can only achieve through a holistic approach…. a whole body, mind and soul alignment… that’s what I plan on doing, but first, the detox.

I’m sure I will be quite unpleasant for a few weeks while I adjust. I will probably be grouchy and feel physically ill while detoxing my body. And I’ll probably be anti-social and feeling broken down for awhile while I face some hard truths within myself and force myself let go of things I don’t want to but definitely need to rid my life of.

I need this. I need to break myself down in every which way so I can put myself back together again….

Healthier and Happier.

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