This really hits home for me. When I was in love with “him”, I wrote so many words of love, of desire and need. So many ‘flowery words’, as he liked to call them. But I never thought of them as a tool to earn his love. To me, they were never a way to manipulate his feelings or persuade his affection. It was always important to me that he knew everything I said was sincere and came straight from my heart.

My words were my truth. They were messy, vulnerable and uncomfortable at times but they were nothing but my wholehearted truth.

And I couldn’t have kept them from him even if I wanted to. I had an intense need for him to know me through my words, to know the devotion I felt for him through my words…not to persuade or convince, only to know and understand.

I never used my words to “get” him to love me.

I just spoke my truth until I realized he never would.

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