perfection is overrated.

I came across this and was like “Yaaasssss”!!!

I like my humans messy and unique and full of authenticity.

And I will no longer apologize for being the same.

Maybe that’s why the INTP doesn’t connect with me…..

I feel like he is content with shallow and casual…..

and I am not content with anything but depth and connection.

He needs simple and logical and independent.

I am all those things but I’m also complicated and emotional and demanding.

He is cool, calm and collected.

I am heated passion.

He wants space and I want to share our breath.

I always thought our differences created a nice balance. The Yang to my Yin.

But sometimes I feel like he just thinks I’m too much, too difficult, too chaotic to even want to be my friend….

but if I’m too much for him, does that make him too little for me?

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