little joys.

I’ve been in a different mood since I woke up yesterday.


More positive.

More self aware.


I’ve been trying to only do things this weekend that make me happy.

Meditating. Reading.

Lots and lots of reading.

And lately, I’ve been rediscovering my love of cooking. I mean, I cook almost every day but it’s usually something quick and easy. Or after a particularly long day, just a frozen pizza for the kids or something.

But now that I am trying to eat healthier and make my meals low carb/keto, I want to get creative. The other day I made shrimp and cheesy cauliflower rice stuffed peppers. And tonight, I think I really outdid myself. I made asparagus and provolone stuffed chicken breasts with lemon & garlic asparagus on the side.

I really love cooking and I love when people eat and enjoy my cooking…haha….so I’m going to try to find the time (and the patience) to do it more often.

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