I’m in a mindset right now that, surprisingly, I haven’t been in very often in my life….filled with insecurity and self-doubt and all those feelings of not being “good enough”.

So, when I read this piece last night, it really hit me hard. I started to cry and began to write.

I want to share what I wrote but it’s one of my more vulnerable posts so I’m not 100% sure I will.

I’m not ashamed of my feelings. I just don’t know if I want to let myself feel that exposed. But I’m only human and I think we all have these moments sometimes. We all have feelings of diffidence and not being enough. How we process those feelings and move on from them is what’s important.

The good news is that there is both a happy ending and a new beginning to my little crisis of worth.

Maybe I will share this weekend. I still feel like I just need a little more time to myself.

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