slow ride.

So, I felt like writing something sensual tonight. Maybe because I talked to him today. In all honesty, I wasn’t really that turned on during our conversation. Not like I usually am when we talk. Maybe the lack of interest, engagement and effort on his part has finally turned the flood of passion I usually feel for him into but a trickle.

I mean, a woman can only take so much rejection and indifference before the floodgates start to close and the feeling starts to fade, right?

Still, when talking to him, it’s inevitable that I will think of sex. I’m still attracted to him, obviously. I still want him. I just don’t feel the urgency and the potency of that extreme sexual desire that I once did. Which is actually a good thing…for both of us.

I wish I could say I didn’t write this with him in mind but that would make me a liar. Of course, it is his face I picture and his hands I feel. I couldn’t even imagine writing these words about anyone other than him. I just don’t know how I feel about that fact anymore.

Anyway, here is another bit of INTP-inspired writing. Enjoy.


Slow down.
Just watch me undress.
Let me take my time.
The promise of yours.
Then pick me up, sit me on your lap and run your hands up my spine.
Grab me by the nape of my neck and kiss me once and for all.
Kiss me thoroughly as we sit as close as two bodies can get.
It’s not about making me scream, it’s about making me forget to breathe.
Make these moments matter.
Make me tremble.
It’s not a race.
It’s a slow ride into oblivion.
Leave your mark on my body.
Leave your mark on my heart, my memory.
Let’s make heat where our bodies meet.
Let’s make this ache feel so good.
Go deeper.
There’s sex.
There’s passion.
There’s love.
And then there’s this.

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