52 Lists for Happiness: List 2

List the routines in your personal life and work.

Wake up. Usually between 5 and 6am. Sometimes earlier.

Put on coffee to brew.

10-15 minute morning meditation.

Yoga (in the morning, I usually only do about 3-6 Sun Salutations, just to stretch)

Drink coffee (☀️)

While I am drinking my coffee, I put my headphones in and listen to either solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats or isochronic tones. Sometimes, I will sit on my front porch in quiet reflection.

Then it’s time to wake my son up and get him ready for school, which usually takes up the next 30-45 minutes of my morning.

Once I have gotten him out the door, I shower, brush my teeth (twice – once with activated charcoal and once with fluoride free toothpaste), get dressed and then depending on time and my mood, I may or may not apply make-up.

If I’m taking my lunch with me, I pack that, then put my phone and charger in my purse and make sure my daughter is awake.

The next 15 minutes are spent driving to work, listening to upbeat music to set my tone for the day.

For the next 4 hours, my routine is usually the same…work, work, work…hahaha…listening to podcasts, Ted Talks or music during the day to break up the monotony.

Lunchtime: Sometimes I will drive somewhere to get lunch (my favorite place to go is Everman’s ❤) but most days I eat whatever I’ve brought from home or have gotten from the cafeteria. I will eat at my desk “before” clocking out for lunch (🙃) so I can sit in my car and read or do some writing. Sometimes, I just play a game on my phone or peruse Instagram. Every once in awhile, I will take a nap. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I usually go to my mom’s for lunch so I can see and spend some time with her.

Then the next 4 hours are work, work, work again.

Other things happen during the course of my “working” but nothing routine enough to be able to list them all.

Then I drive home….

Sometimes I have to run errands….grocery shopping, picking up my daughter from a friend’s house, practice or work, etc.

Once I get home, bra comes OFF and either yoga pants and a tee or pajamas go ON. Hahaha.

I go talk to my son, give him hugs and kisses and ask him about his day.

Then I usually cook dinner. Sometimes it’s already cooked, either by the crockpot or by my stepmom, who lives with us.

Then it’s time to eat dinner and relax for a few minutes. I may watch TV or sit and talk with my children some more.

After dinner, I clean up a little around the house, doing dishes if it is my turn.

Yoga time again. I turn on my salt lamp and my essential oil diffuser with whatever scent I’m in the mood for and try to do about 20-30 minutes.

The rest of the night, it varies. I read or watch TV. Sometimes I do some writing. When I start feeling tired, I will go wash my face and brush my teeth. Sometimes, mostly in the summer, I may take a 2nd shower before bed.

Right before bed, I will light some candles and meditate anywhere from 10-30 minutes. Then I will listen to some more solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats to help me sleep. Sometimes it’s ocean waves or the sound of rain.

Then I go to bed.

Of course, none of these routines are set in stone but you get the general idea. And on the weekends, my routine varies so much that I couldn’t possibly list it.

It usually involves cleaning, driving my children around, some outdoor time (when it’s nice out and not too hot), a few naps and lots of other random things. 😂

So there you go….a list of my daily routine. Not very fascinating stuff but that’s what the list asked for. 😊

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