52 Lists for Happiness: List 1

I’ve seen these “happiness lists” going around and they stem from The 52 Lists book series by Moorea Seal. So, I decided to do my own because sometimes I need a little extra inspiration.


The first 13 weeks are all about Reflection.

Week 1 – “List What Makes You Happy Right Now”

  • my children’s laughter
  • my morning coffee blended with coconut oil and almond milk
  • meditation
  • new books
  • daily grounding
  • yoga
  • his face
  • inside jokes and secret conversations
  • thunderstorms
  • sunny but not too hot days
  • carefree laughter
  • random acts of kindness
  • colorful skies and beautiful clouds
  • Jason Silva’s insight
  • having a best friend who never judges and just “gets me”
  • Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino
  • my own insightful and imaginative thoughts leading to (what I think) is a profound piece of writing
  • nonsensical love
  • deep conversations
  • sugar lip scrub
  • finding a moment of quietude during a busy day
  • the sound of the waves and the wind on my face
  • sushi
  • obscure and/or inappropritae humor
  • macarons
  • candlelight
  • giving sincere compliments
  • researching the interconnectivity between trees and humans
  • self pleasure
  • uninterrupted naps
  • when he makes an effort
  • innuendo
  • clean sheets & my cozy comforter
  • seeing the beauty in the mundane
  • being someone’s reason to smile
  • cacti/succulents
  • himalayan salt lamps
  • good vibes
  • crystals
  • Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream
  • making my bed
  • letting myself and my life just “flow”
  • having all my bills paid on time
  • creating a healthy, holistic lifestyle
  • investing time and energy to self-growth
  • all the little things

It turns out that alot of random things make me happy.

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